What's Delta?

India's first homegrown LGBTQ+ app.



Delta Connect is creating a safe space for users to meet verified, like-minded people through powerful security & compatibility methods.


Delta Network will provide a centralized space for users to find LGBT inclusive venues, businesses, professionals & other resources in addition to a calendar of events, across India.


Delta Community will power a secure space for users to explore shared interests, access peer networks & engage in discussions & forums.

Delta Connect

Meet Like-Minded LGBTQ Singles

Compatibility Quiz

Answer 16 fun Questions and see how compatible you are with your match.

Things that Matters

#3 Things I can't live without.
#3 Things people notice about me first.
#3 Deal breakers I watch out for on a first date.


Send a Spark to match with others, sparks are refilled every day!

Trust Score

Profiles are verified via phone, email,Facebook and even by taking selfies.

Why Delta

Verified Profiles

Browse through profiles with information that matters with verified profiles to avoid fake accounts.

Like-Minded Singles

Meet and date amazing people from the community.


Network with brands which are LGBTQ inclusive for more and better opportunities.

LGBTQ Places

View a list of places that have taken the Delta Equality Pledge to be inclusive.

LGBTQ Community

Engage in relevant discussions and forums and network with LGBT Peers.


Explore and be a part of all the LGBTQ events happening in your city.

What Delta Users Say

  • Aman Verma
    Aman Verma
    "Amazing App! Found my boyfriend on Delta :D"
  • Mayanc Singh
    Mayanc Singh
    "Really like the questions with the compatibility section. Not too intrusive, and definitely questions that matter."
  • Prateek Sachdeva
    Prateek Sachdeva
    "It's great. So much better than the existing apps .. the quiz is a brilliant idea helps you find the best match and the trust factor is key to know who is genuine.. Amazing"
  • samarth krishna
    samarth krishna
    "Amazing app for LGBTQ.. great going guys!"
  • SR Deb
    SR Deb
    "very good initiative and I hope within a year there will be good features coming. All luck to the whole team of delta.?"

App Screenshots

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Frequently asked Questions

Delta is the first homegrown LGBTQ+ app in India that caters to some of the unique challenges faced by the community in India across meeting like-minded people, access to resources & safe spaces etc. The app has three features: Connect (focused at helping people meet other like-minded people), Network (access to LGBTQ+ events, listings of inclusive/safe spaces etc & Community, which is upcoming).

Yes, the Delta app is free to use & download!

Sparks are what you use to introduce yourself to someone on Delta Connect (where you meet like-minded people). A Spark is a message you choose to send someone you’re interested in & if they accept your Spark, you move into a safe encrypted chat with icebreakers and more!

We try to ensure we cover all events of interest, however if we ever miss out on something, please write to us at events@thedeltaapp.com. All events are listed on the app for free – we even promote & amplify them because our goal is to ensure everyone knows what’s going on in the LGBTQ arena in their areas!

No. While Connect focuses on helping people from the Community meet others, Network is a space for allies & The community to come together at offline events and other new upcoming features!

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