Our Mission

Delta's goal is to leverage technology & the app economy to build homegrown features that can address some key issues faced by the LGBT community, at scale:

  • Meet Real, Like Minded People: with few to no security measures on many dating & other apps, concerns around safety, profile authenticity & a myriad other reasons can make meeting like minded people from the LGBT community in India rather difficult. When you create an account on Delta, our verification engine checks the details that you enter for any inconsistencies or potential "red flags". Once these check are passed, users are approved to into the community. Once you're in, Delta's recommendation algorithms leverage compatibility matching based on shared interests & deep learning to drive deeper engagements that go beyond superficial aspects such as looks & location. 
  • Build A Community: a lack of safe spaces both offline & online have created fragmented & isolated LGBT communities, if any, especially in non metros & large cities. Specific app features are aimed at creating safe environments for users to share content, discuss views, form interest groups, engage in discussions & attend or create their own events. Extended offline, this will also power the Delta Network - a network of businesses, venues, restaurants & other entities that are LGBT friendly & inclusive. We want to empower people with the knowledge about safe spaces & increasingly sensitize businesses to the needs of the LGBT community to foster healthier & mutually beneficial relationships. 
  • Support & Resources: with scarce support & resources available to the LGBT community, Delta aims at leveraging location data to build a network of professionals & services to help people find their nearest LGBT friendly therapists, legal aid, healthcare etc. Additionally, this will also include features such as online support, counseling, therapy & access to information & resources such as sexual awareness & health, coming out queries, legal frameworks and several others that can positively impact members of the community & our allies.