Delta is the first homegrown LGBTQ+ dating app in India that caters to some of the unique challenges faced by the queer  community of India. The app helps you meet like-minded people, gain access to resources & safe spaces etc. The app has three features: Connect which is a direct mutual like based matching feature, Network gives you access to LGBTQ+ events, listings of inclusive/safe spaces etc & Discover helps you find people based on shared interests.

The app is free to use. People who identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community can use the app to date and make friends from the community. Event organisations and Brands that want to make public spaces safe for the queer community in India can also do so using various features on the app.

Sparks are what you use to introduce yourself to someone on Delta Connect (where you meet like-minded people). A Spark is a message you choose to send someone you’re interested in & if they accept your Spark, you move into a safe encrypted chat with icebreakers and more!


We try to ensure we cover all events of interest, however if we ever miss out on something, please write to us at ishaan@thedeltaapp.com. All events are listed on the app for free – we even promote & amplify them because our goal is to ensure everyone knows what’s going on in the LGBTQ arena in their areas!

Connect and discover focus on helping people from the Community meet others, and so, are only for the LGBTQ+ community.
Network is a space for allies & The community to come together at offline events and other new upcoming features!

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